Leftist Andrés Obrador Wins Presidential Election in a Landslide

Clayton Anderson

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador is the projected winner of Mexico’s election, which could mean that the mostly center-right country will shift to the left.  

Obrador of the MORENA party leads with 53.4% of votes.

The first leftist in decades, Obrador promises to end political corruption and serve the poor. He plans to create more social programs and de-privatize healthcare. 

It is unclear how his victory will affect already tense U.S.-Mexico relations. During his campaign, Obrador said he would “put Trump in his place.” It’s clear that Obrador,  a proclaimed nationalist, will aggressively fight Trump’s anti-Mexican policies, including the border wall.

With the goal of bridging inequality in Mexico, many are thrilled with the possibility of change.

“I want his economic policies to stress the creation of well-paid and respectable jobs,” wrote Blanca Padilla, a representative of MORENA, the National Regeneration movement. “I want him to take away the privileges of those who have abused this country.” Padilla is a representative for the winning party, MORENA, the National Regeneration Movement.

Others, however, are skeptical. They view Obrador’s leftist ideology as unrealistic.

“I hope that his promises are true and that he’ll change the country,” wrote Fernando Susan, a medical student from Mexico City. He’s worried about Obrador’s nationalist approach to the economy and external relations.

Obrador has been involved in politics for decades. This is his third bid for for the presidency. As Governor of the Federal District from 2000-2005, locals credit him for cleaning up crime and revitalizing the city’s historic center.

Mexicans are eager for change, but they wonder if he’ll deliver on his lofty promises.