Deranged Man in Custody After Walking In Front of Green Line Trains

Clayton Anderson

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BREAKING: Police were called after deranged man walked in front of moving T cars at Boston University East stop. The suspect has been detained and put in ambulance.  

Suspect enters ambulance on a stretcher.

At 10:19 p.m. a shirtless man in his 20s-30s was seen waving a blue and white flag, possibly Israeli, in front of an outbound B train. The T conductor honked the horn, prompting the man to step aside and let it pass.

Minutes later, the man stumbled in front of an inbound B train and waved his flag once again. Boston University summer students called the police. 

Once the police arrived, he was detained and searched. He was seen scratching at his arm. A small bag with a white substance,  possibly cocaine or heroin, was found in the suspect’s pocket, witnesses say. 

Three police cars and an ambulance arrived within 90 seconds of calling, witnesses report. 

The suspect was last seen entering an ambulance.