Immigrants Rally at Protest in Boston

Jianping Deng, NECIR Summer Journalism Student, Student from Shenzhen, China

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Thousands of people gathered in Boston last Saturday to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policy. Big crowds marched through the streets, from City Hall Plaza to Boston Common, some chanting: “Say it now, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here.”  It was one of hundreds of immigration rallies across the United States.

Many  families protested  together. “If someone tried to separate my son from us,it would be so traumatic. I cannot even imagine,” one father said during an interview. He said he hoped that the rally would send a really strong message to get the government to reunite these families as soon as possible.

Many immigrants also came to the protest. “These immigrants have suffered a lot of trauma in their own country, and they come here and experience more trauma. it is not acceptable,” said Ileana Gatica, an immigrant from Central America.

“What we want to do is to help all the people,” said Nancy, an immigrant who works as a nurse. “We work. We pay taxes. We bring diversity and skills——not only low skills, but also high skills.”

“Most terrorist attacks that occur here, with the exception of 9/11, have been instigated by people who are here legally,” an immigrant from Argentina opined. “Most terrorists are white males.”

“Many people held signs, urging citizens to vote in the November mid-term election.  I am hoping that in November, people come out to vote in favor of a Democratic candidate,  so the House and Senate have some kind of power against the insanity,” the Argentinan immigrant said.

Some socialist groups took part in the rally, too. “Everyone  is out for themselves. They don’t work together,” a member of the Revolutionary Community Party said. “That’s why a whole different system is needed.”