Vigilance is the Key to Holiday Safety

Bill Eugene, NECIR Summer Journalism Student, Student at Milton Academy

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Police officers say that the best way to protect each other during the Fourth of July is to be aware of your surroundings.

Trooper Angeline Guerrera and Lieutenant Ramsland, Massachusetts Police Officers, said that the way Bostonians can be safe on the Fourth of July is by being vigilant. All you have to do is pay attention to how someone is acting and what they are wearing. For example, if someone wears long dark clothes when it’s in the high 80s, like today, you should be suspicious, the officers said.

“Do you fit the area?” is the question police officers think of when people pass by them, Ramsland said.

Guerrera spoke about the behavioral changes that can happen to people when they are in public. Being in a large crowd can set off mentally ill or homeless people, causing them to act out of the ordinary. Although police might not get involved immediately, they can recognize problems — and are watching.

Officers are always multitasking. The officers surveyed everyone who passed by, as they spoke to two reporters. They can spot undercover officers because of small details that most people do not see. While some officers wear uniforms, many more are undercover, Ramsland said.

Safety precautions have changed dramatically in recent years, Guerrera said. Since the Boston Marathon bombing, the police force has come up with a new kind of detector, called “NBC,” which can identify Nuclear, Biological or Chemical problems. These detectors analyze the air to make sure there are no bombs in the area. They are able to communicate with other detectors and notify the police, if there is a problem.

Ultimately, if there ever was a definite threat, police would work to keep a low profile and terminate the threat as quickly as possible.